Let us drive you back 10 to 15 years ago.  Buying a car was a different experience to what we make it today. If you think second hand car sales, you probably think Arthur Daley or Del Boy! Back in time, many car dealers operated in this fashion and the buying experience wasn’t a purchase, you were being sold to. Possibly lies were told to you and maybe didn’t feel like you should when you drove your car away.  Or if your my mum, you bought a car that was two cars welded together!!!

In this modern world that we live in, when picking a reputable garage to buy from, its important to make sure you do your research. A garage should be able to instantly share with you the service history and MoT status of any vehicle. You can also check out the MoT yourself online, our sister company Tickenham Garage has a link on their site that helps customers to do this. Checking out their reviews and look at what other customers have to say is also a very good place to start.

Our company hasn’t been built on being pushy, we’ve built our business through building relationships and letting customers have a choice. We have customers who have had their whole family purchase from us, testament to our stock and the way we handle our customer service.

At Tickenham Garage, we don’t over price stock in the expectation to be knocked down. Yes we know some dealers do this, we don’t! That wouldn’t be fair as we want every customer to feel and know that they are getting the best car for the best price, after sales that makes you feel valued, and finance offerings that suit your budget and situation.  Our cars are priced to the regional market and we invest in tools that check our pricing every 48 hours.

We can help you, just let us know how.  Our belief is, we help our customers, they help us build our business. We’re certain you’ll be accommodated and very happy with the end result. We look forward to speaking with you.

Sam and Tom.

We don’t sell cars – we let you buy a car you want!
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