Used Car Sales Aftercare.

When you buy a car from us, our relationship doesn’t end once you start the engine for the first time.  In fact, we hope that this is just the beginning.

For peace of mind, we offer all our customers an enhanced warranty in case of any breakdown in the future.  Whilst it is rare for one of our second hand cars to have an issue, we want to protect you in every way we can.

All of our warranties (Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) include:

We would all like to think that we live in a perfect world and that our cars will never let us down but unfortunately the reality is sometimes a little different. No matter how well you maintain your vehicle, components can still fail resulting in costly repair bills.

AA Second Hand Car Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Insurance has been designed to help protect you against the cost of such repairs.

Should a covered component suffer unforeseen mechanical failure, The AA could help to cover the cost of repairs. We even cover wear and tear on vehicles that have covered less than 60,000 miles and are under 5 years old at the time of claim.

An AA Warranty includes parts and labour; diagnosis; European cover; contribution toward breakdown recovery; contribution toward overnight accommodation or your rail fare home; and contribution toward a hire car. Wear and tear is covered on vehicles less than 5 year’s old and less than 60,000 miles at the time of the claim.

The above is applicable for cars under 10 years of age and having covered less than 100,000 miles at the beginning of the covers start. Other warranties are provided for cars that fall outside of this range. Cars that are over 15 years old do not come with a warranty and are sold as seen.

Extending your second hand car guarantee

We are able to extend your guarantee at a small cost for either 6, 12, 24 or 36 months. We are also able to add on AA Breakdown Cover at a considerably reduced rate. Please speak with us to find out more.

Why is it a good idea to purchase an AA Extended Warranty product for a second hand car?

  • Peace of mind when buying your used car
  • Allows repairs when the car owner needs them
  • Most products include a free rental car if the vehicle is off the road for repairs
  • Owners are protected against the rising cost of repairs
  • Available on New cars and Used cars *
  • Available for up to 36 months
  • Maximum claim limit up to the retail value of the vehicle
  • No claim will be rejected on the grounds of Wear and Tear **
  • Personal Continental Use – up to 60 consecutive days
  • Replacement Vehicle Hire – Pays up to £25 per day for 7 days
  • Hotel / Accommodation and Rail Fare ***
  • Recovery – Pays up to £50 including VAT
  • Transferrable to a new private owner if you sell the car
  • No claims excess or hidden costs
  • You can be covered as soon as you leave the forecourt

We are also pleased to offer all customers who return within 18 months for servicing, MOT, & new tyres 10% off the standard advertised garage prices.

Our Warranty Partner is AA Second Hand Car Warranties

PLEASE NOTE : We are currently in the process of upgrading our warranty offering, as such, the above information may not be accurate to the warranty that we are providing at the time. Please contact us for clarification on the warranty that is offered at the time of purchase.

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