Approved used car information and inspection

At Tickenham Garage we are pleased to offer the majority of our stock under the Motoring Organisations Approved Used Scheme. This provides you with an additional level of guarantee that the vehicle you purchase from us has undergone additional checks and is provided in the highest possible standard.

Inspect and Protect your new car

  • Each vehicle will have undergone a comprehensive dealer inspection
  • Every Approved Vehicle must have at least 6 months MOT
  • Minimum of 3 months warranty 
  • All approved vehicles have an approved vehicle inspection
  • Operated under the Trading Standards Approved Buy with Confidence scheme

We provide a used car warranty with all vehicles and only use some of the best in the country. Our warranties are provided by TMO (The Motoring Organisation) and they are the only provider in the UK to have a warranty which is backed by Trading Standards – Good news for you! 

What is included in an Approved Used Inspection?

Check and report for dashboard warning lights / messages

Check and report for abnormal noise or knocking

Check clutch operation

Check gear change operation

Check steering alignment

Check braking operation

Check operation of instruments, speedometer and rev counter

Check indicators – self cancelling

Check windscreen washers – front & rear

Check windscreen wipers – front & rear

Check air-conditioning

Check interior heating system

Check multimedia / navigation system operation

Check seat belt operation – front & rear

Check mirrors operation and condition – interior & exterior

Check window operation – front & rear

Check glovebox condition

Check sunvisor and sunroof operation (where applicable)

Check seat adjustment, mountings and condition

Check horn operation

Check interior light operation

Check headlights – dipped and main beam

Check fog lights

Check side lights – front & rear

Check tail lights

Check indicator lights

Check hazard lights

Check brake lights

Check number plate lights

Check reverse lights

Check for fluid leaks

Check battery – connection and mounting

Check all belts – tension & condition

Check all mountings – security & condition

Check all pipes & hoses – condition and leakages

Check cooling fan operation

Check radiator(s) condition

Check level of:

Engine oil

Brake fluid

Power steering fluid


Gearbox oil (where applicable)

Windscreen wash

Check security & condition of fuel lines

Check fuel cap condition

Check fuel filter condition

Check exhaust system – condition, mountings and condition

Check driveshaft joints for wear or noise, and gaitors for condition and leakages

Check wheel bearings for excessive play or noise

Check track rod ends and ball joints

Check condition and security of steering rack, mountings and gaitors

Check security and condition of brake pipes, flexible hoses and handbrake cables

Check front and rear brake pads and discs (wheels not removed)

Check front and rear brake calipers for condition and leakages

Check front and rear shock absorbers, suspension and mountings for condition, wear

and leakages

Check door operation – locking & operation

Check condition of windscreen

Check condition of windscreen wiper blades

Check bonnet opening, closing and latching

Check boot opening and closing

Check alarm system operation

Check all tyres for condition and wear

Check and adjust all tyre pressures

Check all wheels for condition and wear

View our approved used vehicles

Our approved used vehicles are listed on our Cars for Sale page. For any further information, please contact a member of the team.