Many motor traders rely on part exchanges as a form of restocking their forecourt. Others simply accept part exchanges in order to move on over age stock. In our case, we accept part exchanges for vehicles we believe we can either add value to or move them on through an auction site.

If your looking to part exchange your current car for a new one with a car dealer, our advice is to ensure you do your homework. Has that dealer sold vehicles like yours before? Are the likely to offer you a good price for the car based on the current condition? What could you do to make your car attractive? After all, selling cars isn’t easy (we know that for sure!) and you may take a long time to sell yours privately and come across some rather high costs along the way, both in time and money.

Here are our five handy tips to consider when your looking to part exchange a car…wherever it may be

  1. Ensure the car is clean & be honest to the dealer about any dings or marks on the car
  2. Make sure you have your service history to had and you are ready to highlight any thing extra you have done to the car which might help you achieve a good price
  3. Understand that the part exchange is part of a deal, its a negotiating factor but not necessarily a done deal. You need to understand that although you may love the car your looking to move on, it may not be of the same value to a dealer or someone else.
  4. Smells can decrease the value of the car as they can take some considerable work to remove them. Don’t cover the car in air freshener, be honest if there is a smell – chances are it will be smelt!
  5. Finally, enjoy the journey. Part exchanging your car is your chance to give your sales pitch about it. We love it when customers tell us the story about their car!!

Good luck!

Getting the best deal when part exchanging
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