We love offering choice to our valued customers, enabling customers to ensure that they are able to purchase the right car for their chosen budget.  Buying a car less than 3 years old, but older than 6 months, provides a multitude of added bonuses to your investment.


When buying a car that is relatively new but no older than 3 years old, you are purchasing a car that has had the majority of its depreciation accounted for. This means the previous owner has paid for the highest percentage which is lost when the car is sold as brand new. You also loose the VAT element to the car which would have been 20% when purchasing it as new. So straight off, there are seriously high savings to be had when purchasing nearly new vs new from a main dealer.


Secondly is the value of the warranty that comes with a nearly new vehicle. When new cars are made, they are sold with, generally speaking, 3 or 5 year warranties, with some manufacturers providing up to 7 years now. The warranty is transferable to whoever owns the car during this period, and you can have worry free motoring for the duration whilst knowing that any faults that could occur, should be covered by the manufactures own guarantee.

Repair Costs

The cost of repairs on nearly new cars are significantly lower than older vehicles, that said, you should make an informed choice as to what provides the best value for money to you, given that newer cars are of course a higher investment.

Finance products

Newer vehicles also have a larger range of finance products that you can use. As an example, if you buy a car from us that is less than 2 years old, we can often finance this with a buy now pay in 6 months. This means you can hold onto your cash for longer. Other finance products where you pay back the loan over a set period can be extended also. We are often able to offer 72 months rather than 50 or 60 when the car is much younger.

If your looking for friendly and informed advice about buying your next car, drop us a message, call or pop in and see Sam or Tom, we will be very happy to tell you all that we know!


Buying a nearly new car
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