You ask, We answer – What is the cost of a used car warranty (Second Hand Car Warranty)

When buying a second hand car from a dealership, whilst the car is what you are looking to take away, you should also consider your options for the protection of the vehicle – just like car insurance. A used car warranty can cover unexpected issues which could occur when buying a used car.

Warranties come in many different types, some key areas where they can
differ are :
1. Policy length
2. Claim limit
3. Number of claims allowed
4. Local / National coverage and stipulations to where you can take the car for repair
5. Mechanical / Electrical cover, Media cover, Electric roof cover (for

At Tickenham Garage, we are a partner with AA Warranties (AA Warranty Mechanical Breakdown Insurance) and are extremely proud to be so. We believe that customers should have the highest level of cover when taking their car away from our forecourt and will only use a warranty provider that allows us to do this. Warranties with the AA cover both Mechanical and Electrical breakdown, this means that if something mechanical or electric brakes, the likelihood is that the warranty company will cover the cost of this. There are exceptions, as an example, a clutch that has been burnt out by poor driving, this would not be covered. Also, brake pads that have worn down because of use, again thee would not be covered.

We are very aware that there are much cheaper warranties out there, however, please do your research when comparing warranties, you will find that you get what you pay for and if it sounds too good to be true, the likelihood is, it probably is!  Car warranties can range from £50 – £5000, depending on the make, model, engine size etc.  There really is no fixed price, and any one that suggests you can get a warranty for a fixed price regardless of the car, well, we haven’t come across one of them to be true to date.

We provide a complimentary 3 month full AA Warranty on all of our cars, you can upgrade this and further information can be found on the After Care section of our site. There is absolutely no obligation to take this cover, however wewant to ensure that all customers are informed of the comprehensive cover that we offer at Tickenham Garage.

What is the cost of a second hand car warranty?
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