When advertising cars online, many dealers will use the term “Full Dealership History” in this case, the term and meaning can vary by car dealership.

Here at Tickenham Garage, we only use this term if the service history of the vehicle is exclusively confirmed as being conducted by a main dealership for the brand of vehicle.

As an example, if you are looking at a Volkswagen, the history will relate to only a Volkswagen main dealers.  Some companies will post this term if the car has the majority of history from a main dealer, this is something we believe to be deceiving and will not advertise a car like this if it is not 100% exclusive to the main dealer brand.

Having a main dealer history can increase the value of a vehicle in some cases, however, the most important factor to look for when purchasing a new car, is to ensure that the car has a full service history and has been serviced the manufacturer’s specification.  Large breaks in the service record could mean that it has been driven for some time without having an oil change, this is not great as the engine could have developed faults during this time. Always ensure that you have evidence of the history when purchasing a used car. We supply as much detailed information as possible to ensure that you can see the history of the vehicle.

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What does full dealership history mean?
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