We use examples of Car Finance Packages and repayment amounts on our website, online and in print advertising. The below sets out what the examples are based on and the flexibility within each package.  We are extremely transparent in our pricing and the below should make it easy for you to understand how we have priced our “pay per month” options.

We are pleased to be able to offer some of the most flexible finance packages on the market, that means, that you, our customer, can select the following:

  1. Deposit amount
  2. Amount that you wish to borrow on a car loan
  3. The term in which you wish to borrow it over (although sometimes the lender will specify the maximum term based on the age of the car) and the minimum is often 12 – 18 months dependant on the lender.

Whilst it is difficult to provide examples, as each individual has different needs and credit scores, Tickenham Garage Car Sales uses the below as an example when advertising packages within our adverts. As per the above, the term and deposit can be conceivably changed by each individual customer.

Car value up to £10,000, term over 84 Months, 10% Deposit
Car value between £10,001 – £18,000, Term over 84 Months, 15% deposit
Car value over £18,000, Term over 84 Months, 20% deposit.

Where the car is not able to be placed on a 84 month term, the closest loan with the highest longevity will be chosen for an example.

We are experts in car finance and are able to provide credit solutions for the majority of people. All finance conversations take place in our sales office and are completely confidential.  We are able to offer confidential free advice by phone and email also.

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