Are you looking to purchase a car as a surprise for someone this christmas? Maybe you know exactly what they want but haven’t found it yet. Look no further, Tickenham Garage Car Sales are here to help.

We have over the years purchased cars for people who are looking to buy the car as a present for a loved one. WE know how important it is to get this right and have the expertise and resource to make it perfect.

From wrapping the car in a huge bow, delivering it at just the right time for you as well as being on hand for a collection late in the evening, what ever your requirements, we will do our best to exceed them.

When looking for a car for someone, there are a few things to remember.

  1. Ensure that the car gets registered in the persons name who you are buying it for.
  2. Check that they can get insurance on the new vehicle and what impact it will have financially, either an increase or decrease in the current premium.
  3. Know what is important for them. Black, white or Gold!? Is it the Aircon? Manual / Automatic, maybe its the wheels, if we are looking for a vehicle to match your specification, we will ask you these questions.
  4. If your paying for the car, how are you wanting to pay. Credit, Debit, Cash or purchase the car through finance? What ever the best solution is, we can talk you through the easiest way.

When your ready for some help, drop James or Tom a message, pop in and see us or give us a shout by phone. What ever your looking for, we are ready to help.

Buying a car for someone – not just at Christmas!
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